Monday, January 6, 2014

And it was.... ok

So we left Bella and Baxter alone at home for three and a half hours. Upon arrival I saw all the non proofing I had done. They pulled all the empty beer bottles out of a cubby that is at floor level. They pulled out shoes from the shoe caddy, fortunately they refrained from chewing the shoes.

Whew... that didn't seem so bad. Fynn went to work on cleaning up the mess and I went about walking them along one of their favourite routes. It was a beautiful afternoon.

Upon returning home, I decided I really needed to fix the door. So I went downstairs to get the screwdriver. And that is where I realized a whole lot more went on in that three and a half hours. They had managed to get the garbage bag out of the rubber garbage bin and tear the entire bag to pieces.

Despite having meditated this morning, I am still on the fence. To leave them with the access to the whole house or not. I recall that when Bella was about a year, I tried leaving her and she progressed from a manageable mess to my discovery that she got into a drawer and got a knife out. Hmmm.... that was months ago.

Perhaps it is one of those things you just need to give time.

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