Sunday, June 23, 2013

Living Science

We are the living embodiment of our beliefs. Every choice we make is made with the backdrop of fear or faith. Not faith in a God or religious dogma, but faith that we will be alright - safe or not.

This morning as I sit and type on this keyboard, I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to go "do something." Idleness is not good says my mind of many years of conditioning.

"Go and mow the lawn or move gravel or pull up weeds it screams at me. Do something! Taking care of these things will you prove you are worthy of being loved and that you are a good person." When I really listen, that is the belief (fear) operating in the background and really causing the struggle.

Perhaps the thought is right. But perhaps it is not. Without a clear positive intention behind action, I will cultivate feelings of resentment for having to do something I really perhaps don't want to.

I get to choose why I am doing something, anything, whether productive or not. But I only get to choose if I question the thoughts that are pushing me out to mow or weed.

This for me is the science of Yoga; to question the deeper roots of thought and feeling. Not to deny them, rather to understand them and act in support of the desires that support oneself and others. The asana, pranayama, meditation simply enable the mind to notice the thoughts and landscape of feelings; to dive beneath waves of thought that just carry me off in resentment without question.

Hopefully you found this a productive use of my time ;)