Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reflections on a snowy afternoon

The snow, mix with rain beats down on my skylights, wind shakes the patio doors. I hear the children's voices downstairs, "Left hand yellow." 'Right foot red."

I sit on my bed, with two pups waiting out the cold and wind, rain and snow.

My mind reflects on the time when my son was so young. The continual attention to keep him entertained. Now at twelve and a half, he doesn't need me. Just a computer screen and an internet connection. But he still loves to do things with me, games, baking, putting a tree up. And he will go out and go sledding with two neighbourhood children under the age of six. He's pretty amazing. And this time is moving quickly. I love this moment of not being responsible to entertain and yet I also know the suffering of thinking he will soon leave and go to school away and I will be alone.

In every thought there is the fear of change. In joy and bliss we worry when it will end. In sadness we long for the joy and bliss. It is simply the human condition. I guess then Yoga practice, meditation and mindfulness practice are just the practice of being able to rest in both the joy and the suffering. And to not attach more to one thought or the other.

The game has ended and the children are getting ready to leave. Time to assist the exodus. And perhaps stay in the mindful action of contentment with what is right now.

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