Monday, December 30, 2013

Getting things done without the busy-ness

As the New Year approaches, so too does the day I will not have all this time in the morning. I will not have the luxury of waking up a little later, doing an asana practice or a Nidra practice as well as my meditation and walk the dogs. I will have to leave the house by the time I am currently just getting around to taking the dogs out. And I will probably become pretty intense about getting out of the house on time. and when I am at work, I am pretty fired up about getting the 6.5 hours completed so I can get on with the rest of my life. Only to end the day with the rush to get home, get the dogs out for a walk, the fire on, the supper prepared, eaten and cleaned up. Then comes the laundry or cleaning or sometimes just the desire to check out - to not be present for this life.

This is how I get myself fired up and burnt out. I rush... everything needs to be completed five minutes ago and everything needs to be done right and only when there is nothing left on the list of things to do can I relax. Which means I rarely relax. I do check out. I attempt to run away from this life of chaos by getting intense about knitting something or getting groceries, or I step onto a treadmill for 15 minutes and call it relaxing when really it is just more justified action through productivity.

Therefore, it is going to be critical to change the perspective. Everything doesn't need to be done to leave for work AND everything doesn't need to be done when I immediately step in the door at the end of the day. Nor does every action I take need to be a productive one. In other words, I need to slow things down, to appreciate all that is happening in the moment it is happening and not rushing for the finish line. Bring a little Himalayan Institute sattvic vibe into my own home. After all, being busy is a state of mind.

To get at the mind... at least my mind, it will be important to do more asana. I love the connection of getting my mind on the experience of my body. It is from here I connect to my spirit and find the truth in what really needs to get done and how it needs to get done. The trick will be making the asana practice an essential part of the "to do list." So you are hearing it here first New Year's resolution; I will do 30 minutes of asana practice a day. anyone want to keep me on task?

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