Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's that time

As we move into the busy Holiday season it is easy to become out of balance. Our eating changes, our ability to get to Yoga class changes and the time we have to just rest changes too. Not to worry, you can still reap the benefits of asana in a few postures and measured breath.

Bringing yourself back to balance requires we often work asymmetrically. Here are a few poses, with a few counter poses to help bring yourself into a more balanced state and grounded to face what's next this Holiday season.

As you exhale turn the navel more toward the wall you are facing. As you inhale, think about lengthening both side bodies.

You can relax the knees and release the low back as you fold forward. As you inhale allow the front body to expand and as you exhale, fold in over the legs.

The key to this pose is to be long through the front body. Bend the knee to the side you are twisting if hamstrings are tight. And use a block or chair to allow the spine to be long and parallel to the floor. The navel twists toward the ceiling in exhale. Use the inhale to lengthen and create integrity in the spine.

The squat is a great opportunity squeeze the digestive organs and enable you to keep things rolling downward. If you have tight calfs and are up on the balls of the feet, you can support the heels on blanket or block. Continue to lengthen the spine- both front and back body.

Draw the knees into the chest on exhale. Extend the legs away on inhale and feel the pelvis release and relax.

Spend a few breaths in a relaxed savasana allowing your awareness to just rest at the navel - and allow yourself to feel empowered and grounded.

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