Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Transformation takes heat

My friend and guru Nicole wrote the following:
Everything that happens externally existed internally first.
Feeling disconnected? Oh, I'm not connected to mySelf and that Source deep within me.
Lots of love coming my way? Ahhh I am nurturing my self and the outside world is reflecting that.
Fighting an uphill battle? Oops, there's some inner resistance I haven't faced.

I love this. The simplicity of understanding that it is our own perspective that creates our experience is so simple and yet so complex.

In order to change the perspective, I must take action. And where do I begin? In the examples Nicole offered, it seems the nurturing is the place to start. For then I have allies in the face of the challenge of disconnection and resistance.

With January 1 a day away, it is time to start the nurturing! Time to build the inner fire!

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