Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Last night in church, as the ritual of Christmas mass marched on, I noticed the couple in the pew in front of me. They continued to move, always a little movement. I then became aware of my own continual minute adjustments. I recall thinking that Yoga such a better spiritual practice because at least the teacher at the front of class gets you in your body and let's you move.

It's is hard to remain still. Try it. Even with a moderately simple pose. Try to remain still, steady. Usually within 30 seconds, the mind wants to come out. The mind wants to be distracted with movement. Awareness wants to move outward.

The goal of the practice is the opposite, it is to move inward and connect yourself to the power that lies within you and to harness it to work for you.

Try it! And a Happy Christmas to all!

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