Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Winds of Change

This week life feels hard.
My son is preparing to go away to school. I thought I had more time, at least 2 years before this would happen. I am going through the motions of getting things done and in all the doing, I am avoiding the feelings. I am taking on even more, not choosing to rest and take time for me. At least not yet. This is the way I cope. The unhealthy way I cope. I get stuff done.

It is in these moments, when life feels hard and we don't want to feel the feelings, that it is harder to practice. Harder to stay disciplined. Harder to see the point. Unless I choose not to practice and then it all seems to be so much harder and feel so much less capable of handling it.

So I keep one thing consistent. I practice every day. Good days, bad days. The practice gives me strength. It gives me light. It gives me a sense of steadiness in chaos.


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