Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life Practices for the Best of your Life

These practices came to me through the skilled teaching of Rod Stryker. I still struggle with mastering all of them - but it is a lovely reminder that anything that helps us move in the direction of attaining these actions is skillful.
Embody what you can, and feel compassion for that which you cannot yet master.

~ Love and respect yourself and the world.
~ Have faith in yourself; your strength, courage and tenacity.
~ Love and be grateful for this life given to you, with all its strengths, limitations & karma.
~ Strengthen your potential - do not undermine it.
~ Make time for yourself, honour yourself.
~ Expectation, entitlement - these create suffering. Be grateful for what is offered. Do not want more.
~ Disconnect. Discover the stillness in silence.
~ Cultivate your relationship with the force behind all life.

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