Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Little Voice in my Head

This morning as I moved from one task to the next, I recognized this underlying need to get this done, then that. No don't sit until all of these things are taken care of. This subtle message seems to be continuously with me. It seems to drive my life. It berates me when I want coffee before meditation or a glass of wine at night. This morning I was too tired to listen to it. Too many hours in the hot sun yesterday roofing was perhaps the straw, but I just wanted to sit in bed and read a book. There between the pages of Sharon Salzberg's book entitled Faith, was just the right sentence. In Buddhism, the distinction between faith and beliefs lies in testing what we are told. "Put it into practice," the Buddha said,"and if you find that it leads to a kind of wisdom that is like looking at a wall, and then the wall breaks open and you see in a much more unbounded way, then you can trust it." This is the philosophy behind Tantra as well. The intention is to examine ones life and through examination, follow the path and values that allow you to thrive, to love openly and to be fearless.

Feeling fearless ;)

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