Saturday, August 31, 2013

No doubt about it!

There is a thought that continues to nag at me. The thought of getting a PhD. It's been in here rattling around for awhile. And every time it comes up, I immediately see all the barriers. I am a single parent pretty much 24/7. I have a mortgage to maintain. I have a full time job and a very part time job teaching Yoga. And I am still studying Yoga. Not to mention the cost of going back to school. I would never be able to retire. And can my mind even focus that much anymore. And the work. It would be a lot of work.

But when I see myself teaching, writing and reading, it seems so joy-filled. So fulfilling. Not chaotic, not reactionary like my life is now, but methodical and efficient.

Clearly it is what I want. Probably the biggest thing holding me back... ME.

And yet, as I have learned through Yoga, take the steps that follow your heart, work with sankalpa shakti, and in time, all that you desire will manifest.

Here's to a new sankalpa. I am working toward my PhD in Sport psychology and Spirituality. Whew... that's scary in a good way!

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