Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I have often heard, "we are all replaceable," and as I prepare to leave my place of employment over the past 12 years, this thought is weighing on me. Where it is true, someone else can move into my position in life and do the things that I do in my work, I know no one will walk in and do it with my spirit, my unique inspiration. No one can, because no one else in the world is like me. I think any one would agree with me. To suggest we could lose one child and adopt another to replace it would be a ridiculous statement to any parent.

What separates us from each other, in sanskrit is called Jiva; your individual soul. No matter what one does for a living, we each bring our own uniqueness, Jiva, to how the tasks get accomplished, the relationships are cared for and our expression. It is an interesting place to be both leaving a role and moving into someone else's role. The truth is, I am leaving a role to some degree; my relationships will shift, but I can only choose to leave the people who choose to forget me. Similarly, I can never be the person whose role I am assuming. I can do the tasks, but never be the same expression of spirit. In this new role, I will create my own relationships in my own unique way.

And I can't wait!

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