Monday, October 1, 2012


What is your gift?
I am stealing this question from Stephen Cope, from Kirpalu.
This is what really got me interested in Yoga five or six years ago, this and a few very unexplainable moments in savasana.
I journeyed to Colorado, sat in a room with a practiced Yogi and committed myself to many journalling experiences that led me down a path of self understanding at one level deeper than I had prior to the experience. I have since continued to study and practice and realize that like the layers of sediment a geologist studies, there are many layers of self understanding.
And yet... it does always come back to the question of whether I feel I am living a fulfilling life. Am I using my gifts?

How does one know if something is ones gift? Often the gift isn't mastered when it is first being used. Even our greatest athletes and musicians put in ten's of thousands of hours of practice before being considered a great athlete.

I think you know because it is the thing you must do above all others things. It is the thing that you lose sight of time and space doing. So what is it you do that gets you lost?

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